Former nom de plume of the rapper Sean John Combs. As of July 2006, Combs has shortened the title to "Diddy," citing his concern for chantability of the name by fans.
If you call Sean Combs P Diddy anymore, you gonna get wasted, nigga.
by Matthew Soames June 08, 2006
a woman's period (pd.) originated in Philadelphia
I was to fuck, but we can't do anything 'cuz P. Diddy runs the kitty.
by C. L. November 16, 2004
1.The lost black member of backstreet boys
P.Diddy is as underground a britney spears
by drow February 10, 2003
used to be called Puff Daddy.
by Dawg February 26, 2003
"diddy" or "diddies" (the plural) as any Dubliner (some one from Dublin city, Ireland) will tell you it's slang for breasts
check out the diddies on yur won
by 50percenthuman August 24, 2005
Nickname for the brand of cigarettes parliament. Mostly used by teen punks and cokeheads.
Cokehead One: Hey bro, let me get a pdiddy.
Cokehead Two: Dude, you know I just smoked my last one.
by Smokers-R-Us December 15, 2008
a black rapper and hates rogers
i hate roger
by ass jacker March 11, 2003

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