Who Ke$ha oftens wakes up feeling like. The question is, does P.Diddy wake up feeling like Ke$ha...?
Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.... -Tik Tok, Ke$ha
by wallabiesYAH March 13, 2010
P. diddy(Sean Combs) is known for his Bad Boy label group and introducing Biggie Smalls and also popular clothing brand "Sean John". Many people find him to be extremely arrogant especially if you watch the Vh1 show I Want to work for Diddy, where he tries to find an assistant and he acts very self centered or about himself he acts like he is a "king" .

Diddy has 4 biological children, Justin Dior combs his eldest,Christian Combs, and two baby girls, He also raises Al b Sure's son ,Quincy.

He goes by the names of Puffy,P.diddy,Diddy, Puff daddy
But currently called "Diddy"
P.diddy can be very arrogant at times.
by Essence0012 February 17, 2010
What Kesha feels like in the morning. :]
"wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. I got my glasses im out the door, I'm gunna hit this city."
by mehhxspooonx3 December 25, 2009
contraction of pediddle
a car with only one headlight working is called a p. diddy, because it isn't very bright.
by eeyore13 July 27, 2003
Meanining to urinate
Man 1: Where You Going?
Man 2: had too much too drink need a have a p diddy
by George February 16, 2005
1. a. noun, A black man who has sex with men on the down-low while maintaining a macho facade, b. verb, To perform sex on another man, 2. The bottom or passive position in same-sex sex.
1. Yo man, ya wanna p diddy my diddy?
2. Turn over, you're Diddy tonite.
by JTee August 01, 2006
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