a former rapper who ended up become a "producer" meaning he steals beats and hooks from 70s or 80s songs and raps over them.

Either that or he will remix a song by adding a previously mentioned sample to it and just talk about his label Bad Boy in the song.

He along with many other famous people tried to sawy the election in John Kerry's favor by using their star-power with his vote or die campaign. Combs voted in his FIRST election ever making intelligent, hard-working African-Americans look stupid, ignorant and lazy. As well as thieves for the way he jacks people's songs and the only compensation they get is a live performance with him or get to be a "featured artist" on the song.
Also he only reinforces the stereotype that all African-Americans are thugs and rappers.
Puff Daddy or P Diddy or Sean John or whatever is a fag.
by ih8rap March 02, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who can't decide what his name is.
Puff Daddy? Sean "Puffy" Combs? P. Diddy? PICK A NAME
by CV February 26, 2003
A useless big-lipped tongue rolling bigot that makes a lot of money. Has his own clothing line and likes to wear fur coats.
P.Diddy was admitted to a hospital yesterday after a bee stung his already enormous, ugly, and unsightly lips.
by Viggo November 20, 2004
A Black Rapper who started the "Vote or Die" campaign in the 2004 presidential elections. However, P Diddy voted for his FIRST TIME in these elections, therefore making him a total moron.
"P Diddy does a great job making African Americans look like illiterate retards."
by Jake February 13, 2005
possessor of fishlips and butcherer of good songs
he should have faded into obscurity like the backstreet boys or bubba sparx
by Evil Tim August 15, 2003
The most goddamn worst excuse of ripoff. He rips other people's songs and ideas to make his own shit. He is ugly, stupid, mofo. The only good shit he did was that he fucked another slutty ho J-Lo.
by FUckDiSHit October 23, 2003
One of the biggest douche-bag sell-outs out there today; man-whore.
Daniel: Hey, did you hear what happened to P. Diddy?
Steve: No, what?
Daniel: He changed his name again.
Steve: Big surprise. I thought you were going to say he died. You got my hopes up.
by supernintendo_chalmers November 25, 2005
A man no better then the group Mini Vanilli that "lives off of" and copies everyone elses music because he cant write his own.
Person 1: Dude you hear P Diddy's new song?

Person 2: Whos song?
by Eric July 06, 2005
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