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spot above the urinal in men's restroom so you don't look at the guys penis at the urinal next to you
So people won't think you're gay, you focus on a spot on the wall ahead, the
P spot.
by DavidMB March 18, 2008
The prostate gland. Up the guy's bum there. Produces sperm or some such.
Hit my P spot, I'll shoot like a rocket.
by Jeremy November 09, 2005
n. Prostate Gland in human male anatomy, which is just below the Bladder. It pumps the semen at ejaculation. c.f.G-Spot
Please stimulate his P-Spot
by Adinarayana Guduru January 31, 2006
(pee' spaht) - n. The area directly above the urinal in public restrooms that men stare at, knowing a glance in any other direction would arouse suspicion.
The flamboyant homosexual had no respect for restroom ettiquete; blantantly ignoring the P-spot.
by Chugalug May 15, 2006
The tender, sensitive spot of skin located just between the anus and testicles or anus and vagina. loaded with nerve endings, the p spot is a favorite spot to massage during sexual intercourse.
He rubbed my p spot and i wanted to do him so hard up the ass.
by crackpot joe March 04, 2005