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To urinate while fingering one's anus.
I just P Flan'd all over the floor last night. My room mate was pissed, to say the least.
by TheKeating November 07, 2010
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When one urinates while pleasuring his or her own anus.
I was anal masturbating last night and I P Flan'd everywhere. My room mate was sooooo pissed.
by TheKeating November 06, 2010
1. Someone who thinks they are "hip" or "with it" when in reality they are a walking joke. Someone who still has their mother take them shopping for clothes even though they are 20 years old. Ex: "Gary bought a new phone just to show it off, what a p-flan"
2. When your at a party and there is one guy yelling very loud for either a phone or his keys; both of which have been taken away for a good reason usually having to do with the fact it involves an ex girlfriend that wants nothing to do with him.

3. The one person who doesn't get the invite, yet shows up anyways and makes everyone uncomfortable. A real buzz-killington
1. Ex: "Gary bought a new phone just to show it off, what a p-flan"

2. "Yeah Gary on your front lawn screaming that he needs a phone. Someone should go out there and knock him out, hes ruining the party".

3. "Yeah Gary's ex is here tonight, good thing we didn't invite him...Oh, spoke too soon here he comes, well this party was fun until this p-flan showed up".
by WhatelyMAslippers430 October 31, 2009

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