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Ozone Park is a New York City neighborhood located in the borough of Queens bordering Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach, and the borough of Brooklyn. It is the home of the Aqueduct Racetrack.The neighborhood has historically been mostly Italian and Irish.

Ozone Park was a center for mafia activities until the early 1990s. John Gotti's Bergen Hunt and Fish Club was located here and would host a huge block party and fireworks show along 101st Avenue every July 4th until that fuckin' prick Mayor Rudy Giuliani denied local residents permits to host similar block parties and set off fireworks.

Debra Wilson
Cyndi Lauper
John Gotti
Justin Credible
Peter Facinelli
Bernadette Peters
Ozone Park is in the state of New York, in the borough of Queens.
by Johnny Ears July 10, 2006
the best city in queens other than howard beach. an AMAZING place, with the hottest & the best you'll ever know, if you're fortunate enough to even meet us. ozp is THE shit. we're awesome, don't eff with the ozone park kidss.
we're not a bunch of wiggers or assholes.
we're fabulous, simply the best.
Where you from?
Ozone Park, bitchh.
by kcbabyy October 04, 2008
A shitty neighborhood in Queens NY with no attractions, no decent stores except a bunch of 99 cent stores on 101 Avenue, and too many immagrants and Wiggers. Essentially a worser version of Howard Beach, which is right next to Ozone Park. The wiggers who come from this neighborhood often refer to Ozone Park as "The OZP".
New Yorker-Where are you from?

Ozone Park wigger-I'm from OZP nigga.
by NYC Metalhead June 20, 2006
A shitty white trash neighborhood in Queens NY that has barely any positive qualities to it. Half the people here can't understand english or make an attempt at learning it, The schools here suck ass, and this neighborhood is full of stupid asshole imagrants and stupid wiggers. If you're looking for a new place to move, look in Howard Beach or Ridgewood, not this shithole.
Ozone park fucking sucks. There's nothing here.
by Ozone Park hater July 08, 2006

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