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Someone that is completely useless, a waste of space & bothersome and consequently shouldn't be stealing the oxygen we breathe
A true Oxygen Thief is a speed camera operator hiding near the bushes
by Jasperdistra September 27, 2010
13 5
someone so completely lazy or useless that their only effect on this earth is to use up oxygen that could otherwise have been consumed by someone who doesn't deserve a solid kick up the arse.
i work with an oxygen thief. she brings a pillow and blanket to work and sleeps through night shift.
by stumpy March 26, 2004
397 110
A person so useless on this planet that the mere fact of them breathing is a waste of oxygen.
"Shut up you fat, lazy, good for nothin, motherfuckin oxygen thief!"
by CS January 09, 2004
213 47
one who does nothing good for anyone and has absolutely no point in being on earth but to deprive you of your precious oxygen
i hate madison, she's nothing but an oxygen thief!
by samham February 14, 2004
113 26
An individual who is so stupid, ignorant and inept that their breathing and existence in any environment or location should be considered a crime due to their inhalation of oxygen that would be better utilized by others.
I can't believe that Mike was promoted. He is the biggest oxygen thief in the office.
by Kernal Oil July 16, 2009
67 27
One who leeches off other people, scrounges off their parents, annoys everyone they come into contact with, refuses to work, stays in bed until mid afternoon most days and wastes what money they do have on gambling machines and often has a lazy eye. Otherwise known as a parasite
Anthony Bell is a lazy parasitic oxygen thief.
by Shaun Elliott February 18, 2004
65 33
An idiot or otherwise worthless person.
Dan is an Oxygen thief - he brings nothing to this world.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
26 7
A living human who continues to waste valuable oxygen that many feel would be best preserved for other uses. The oxygen is predominantly wasted through the beings ineffective contribution to society leading many to question their existence on the planet.
"Jim, who is this big-titted mongloid on the front on the newspaper?"

"Bob, Thats Katie Price, she is the biggest oxygen thief known to man"
by aKp123 February 21, 2010
16 7