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A high school in Cypress, California, that boasts scores within the state's top five schools. As a magnet school, it has a hell of a lot of Asians, and some would say Oxford's lucky to have only the one "r" in its name. Its student body is politically moderate in social matters and right-leaning in economic ones, though extremists exist on both sides.
"Oy, this homework load is back-breaking! What does the teacher think we are, Oxford Academy students?"
by Student SL August 22, 2006
Located in Cypress CA. bad school. you will regret going there when older. Too hard, the english department extremely sexist and usually girls get As while boys get B and Cs. Leave while you can if you are smart and become valedictorian at a normal school
Student a: Man Oxford Academy Sucks!
Student b: go to Whitney, 20x better, free dress, you can where sandals, easy teachers, guaranteed entry to UC Irvine.

*years later*

Student a: man im sooooo rich. i went to Harvard cuz i was the best student to ever graduate from my high school!
Student c: i stayed at Oxford, i looked normal since everyone there was a genius, screwed my life over.
by Winning Athiest March 26, 2011
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