Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada :)
The capital of blueberries in all of Canada.
Oxford totally rules over Hamilton.
Commonly known as O-Town, there isn't much here, but we get by with Tim Horton's, and Subway.
But just because we're really awesome, and are the capital of blueberries, doesn't mean you have to like them to live here.

And even if you think our town is shit, you know it's just because you're jealous ;)
<1>Are you from Oxford?
<2>Why yes, yes I am :)
<1>WOW! You must love blueberries!
<2>No, no I don't.
by oxfordian July 03, 2009
• noun vulgar slang 1 a man’s genitals. 2 an unpleasant or stupid person.

— ORIGIN Home Countries.
Charles is such a oxford, he thinks nob should be spelt with a K.

I'll show you my oxford if you show me yours.
by Adam Prest March 29, 2010
The city may be beautiful, and it may have one of the best universities in the world, but the people there are so stuck up their own arse. Basically if your a person from the north of England, Essex or Glasgow, you will be treated like scum in Oxford.
Northerner: ey op mate, you couldnt tell me where t nearest pub is could ya?

Oxfordian: Of course not you peasant, our pubs are only for the financially elite, not for the likes of impoverished scum like you, why dont you crawl back to your caravan park where you can have intercourse with your siblings?

Northerner: Fock you then you posh, poncey, twat.
by they call me mr bombastic September 17, 2008
A small 'city' in Southern England that would be of complete insignificance were it not for its University. Everyone in Oxford is stuck up their own arse, even more so than your typical southerner, possessing some misguided sense of importance/higher social standing. Anyone under 25 in Oxford is a complete pussy and has one of those "oh look at me, I'm such a smart arse Academic" faces that you really just want to punch.

If Oxford was in the North, it would be entirely ignored.

They talk like complete twats, also.

Obviously though, because it's got some ancient, elitist University, it must be cherished and wanked over by the Media 24/7. Oh yeah, they have some shitty ass boat race there against Cambridge, who are actually a lot more down to Earth than these pillocks, but Oxford feel the need to stamp their superiority everywhere. Posh twats.
Northerner: "You ever been up Sheffield way?"

Oxford douche: "Oh heavens no; why, may I ask, would one ever want to venture so far North? I'm not a coal miner, I don't wear a flat cap you know, wot wot. Anyway, I must go and revise for my Philosophy exam tomorrow morn, because I posses such a high level of intellect and importance that you can't possibly contemplate, what with being Northern and all. Tally ho"

Northerner: "...twat"
by Preston Lad January 13, 2010
If you go to Oxford, you will smell of pee

It's scientifically proven

Everyone in Oxford smells like pee
Have you seen HT? Yeah, since she moved to Oxford, she stinks of pee
by Handjob hee hee hee September 22, 2008
Something that is extremely unfortunate or horrible.
You got dumped? That's really oxford.
by Gigi March 07, 2005
a boring town in south-western Ohio.
Oxford sure is boring...
by themooman4980 March 19, 2005

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