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1. Owyn a derivative of the name Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh leader who sought to unite Wales and end English domination. Because of this, the name has come to mean, Peace maker; born of nobility( also Greek)

Its Celtic, Irish, and Welsh meaning is: young fighter or young warrior. Other Variations include: Owain, Owayne, Owin, Owen, Owan, Owenna, Owynna, Ewen, Ewan

2. Owyn is a rare find, who once found is not easily forgotten. She is the one to settle fights and bring opposing sides to peace. A true friend to all. However, her strong sense of justice and unwavering standards driver her to fight her battles like an unyielding tempest. Even so, Owyn shows great temperance when attacked; eventually winning even the hearts of her enemies. These traits show true leadership, a true noblewoman.
Her lineage shows that she is Owyn. (born of nobility)

She is an Owyn in training. (as in def. young warrior)

It is such a privilege to have a real Owyn. (example of a rare find not easily forgotten)
by vowel_cymru February 01, 2010
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