A parody of the hit TV show "Scarred"
Omg! have you been to youtube and seen owies?

that parody of scarred is hilarious!
by Namino Neitou Sama August 27, 2007
Top Definition
'Owy' is the nickname of British racing driver Paul O'Neill, who competes in the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC)
In 2009 he was voted BTCC's fans favourite driver.
He is the brother of Mel C from the Spice Girls.
A delighted 'Owy' told btcc.net: “I’m bowled over. What a season I’m having! I had nothing really going for me in 2008, but a great team has given me a chance to return this season. The results have been something else and now this award – to be recognised by fans on the official btcc.net website is the icing on the cake.”
by TakTiks October 10, 2009
The Owies, is the gweatest cwub ever! We are best fwends,and we wuv each other! We have fwends called the Hee Hee Club. When we iz sad, we say Ohhh! when we iz happy,we say YAY!, and we are smiwee wittle happy faces! YaY!

....me no no, sowee.


YAY! I wuv Owies!
by Owie Richard November 26, 2008
A shorted way of saying Howdy! Actually invented as a response to Elo.
A: "Elo!"
B: "Owy!"
A: "?"
B: "U say elo, I say owy"
A: "but owy is not in the urban dictionary"
B: "damn!"

by Maik April 05, 2006
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