"Owned, resulting back in the Ultima Online days is a word depicing victory over another person or thing. Being passed up into the new generation of games and even in real conversations the word has come a long way since it was started by us old UO boys"

That is wrong, "owned" was being used back in the Wolf3d days, back in the ORIGINAL quake and duke3d games, back in the days of the TEXT version of aol, back in the compuserve and prodigy days. its not a new term, and it is AT LEAST 10 years old... Check ya calenders.
i just owned this forum with the correct definition.
by {MD}ProPain December 16, 2003
A misspelling of pwned.
Used in a sentence created to humiliate someone after they have contributed to an unintelligent situation.
After Idiot1 gets kicked in the balls, Idiot2 says, "You got owned!"
by muhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa January 27, 2009
to be corrected
psycho41: i love teh house i am in
a is die: the*
a is die: OWNED!
by various administrator January 02, 2004
See Own.
You just got owned bitch.
by nocturnal January 23, 2003
A stae of being drunk which out does every other.
Miche - Did u see aaron last night man he was owned he pissed in a bag thinking that it was a toilet, slept in the pool thinking that it was a water bed and got up the next mourning thinking that he had a few quiet beers last night...owned
by Sarge McKoy July 10, 2008

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