A process or action of becoming overcome. Some one has earned the right to your name. Someone has overwhelmed you with their skill in a specific competition or betting arragement.
dude, i OWNED your ass in Halo yesterday. I'm gonna OWN your girl later tonight man.
by Mike Bohm December 14, 2005
see osek
owned, mother fscker!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
by megabitch February 02, 2004
Owned, resulting back in the Ultima Online days is a word depicing victory over another person or thing. Being passed up into the new generation of games and even in real conversations the word has come a long way since it was started by us old UO boys
* That mofo just got owned like a bitch.
* Hahahahaha Fucken Owned
* Man you got owned like a motherfucker
by DaN` July 08, 2003
something that is urs
man i owned ur ass last night
by Randy September 14, 2004
your face
"hehehe owned"
by rororo2 February 07, 2009
A label used to identify a specific type of video documentation. Namely, it captures some fuckstick's attempt to perform a feat of daring or physical challenge that is usually of impossible proportion and necessarily concludes with a painful collision.
The "owned" videos on ebaums included this dude who smashed his mountain bike into the side of a 3-story building while trying to jump it onto the roof from a ten foot ramp. What a fuckstick.
by sammmE January 16, 2009
word used by gamers. Typically shows a lack of knowledge of the outside world and the workings of the female body.
See also pwned
Gamer: I just owned u fuccin n00b

Average guy: well I guess I should give the control back to my 11 year old cousin go home and have some sex with my wife and or girlfriend and or woman I picked up at the bar.
by garrtron3030 July 27, 2008

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