the act of being totally paralised with shock and chronic wiggage.. when someone promotes a state of mental immobility by describing sometihng totally fucked up to you.
"man, did you see that fat stripper? he dirty flaps were hanging owned me hardcore..."

"man that music owns me.."

"Dion totally owns me in his fucking purple stretch pants..i am going to kill that son of a bitch if he wears them again...."
by Chemical Mafia January 13, 2005
To dominate in a manner, especially in a video game in which you kill another player with ease.

The famous ownt variation, origin of team BoRo in MoH:AA, is a more insulting tense of the word owned.
Dude, I just owned you so hard.

You have been owned.
by I hate bad grammar. April 24, 2004
Somebody get the upper hand over you and kicks your ass in any type of contest. Words, physical, computer, sexual, don't matter.
P1: You dude, I just got 120,000 on Tetris!

P2:450,000, OWNED!!!!
by Illness April 06, 2004
The word used to describe when I rock you. Also, I use it to describe when other people get rocked by other people. There are many variations of 'owned': viciously owned, severely owned, OWNED!!!, OOOOOOWNED!!, and others. Sometimes I wonder why I rock so much.
::I rock someone like I always do.::

Me: You just got OOOOOOWNED!!!!
Them: ...stfu..
Me: Sometimes I wonder why I rock so much.
by Seb The Lodge Minnesota February 21, 2004
A victory cry used when having conquered or captured something, especially computer servers or human egos.
A: She fell for the link.
B: Heh! Owned.
by THE MAN October 10, 2002
Owned is a word used in online games or in real life by teens to show victory over another guy. A good example of owned would be of a guy in an online shooting game killing another guy who is better or has a much better gun.
OMG you just got owned by a newb! How could you noob.
by OWND by whale April 02, 2008
When one gets beat in a game or injured in real life. It is usually shouted to show victory against another player.
"HAHA!! THAT NOOB JUST GOT OWNED!!" or "I can totally own you at CS:S"
by Cri August 20, 2007
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