the act of being totally paralised with shock and chronic wiggage.. when someone promotes a state of mental immobility by describing sometihng totally fucked up to you.
"man, did you see that fat stripper? he dirty flaps were hanging owned me hardcore..."

"man that music owns me.."

"Dion totally owns me in his fucking purple stretch pants..i am going to kill that son of a bitch if he wears them again...."
by Chemical Mafia January 13, 2005
When you see your girlfriend making out with the school nerd.
"Hey Robby, I saw Monica fuckin Peter Wang yesterday"

"GODDAMMIT!!! WHY AM I NOT RESPECTED" (his leather pants tear)
by Tony Ramone July 12, 2005
another word in the nerd language, invented and used by nerds, usually means to beat someone at something. this nerd word is usually used in computer games where nerds spent their time in all day
in a fight (in real life)

billy: i owned ur ass bitch
bob: omfg... quit using nerd words kuz owned is not a word
billy: prove it
bob: dude, by saying it you already show dat ur a nerd... u dont see the football players saying dat shit...
by boby2 September 08, 2006
to buzz sum1 off
A. hi, can i download from u
B. ok, but only if u ask nicely
A. lol, ok, please can i download from u?
B. Erm............NO!
C.Lmao, PWN3D!
by syozza January 26, 2004
To have at some point possessed something or had it in your possession. Or if you're a nerd, you use it after you've insulted or tried to show yourself better than someone, in hopes that they will actually care.
I owned him like a Negro slave.
1)To be ridiculed, dominated, made a fool of.

2)To be named Owen, given the name Own, and have your mouth duct taped.
1)My are own.

2)See the picture (#73 I believe)
by Dosius March 18, 2005
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