To dominate in a manner, especially in a video game in which you kill another player with ease.

The famous ownt variation, origin of team BoRo in MoH:AA, is a more insulting tense of the word owned.
Dude, I just owned you so hard.

You have been owned.
by I hate bad grammar. April 24, 2004
Owned- What happens to Maddy Fondren every time she talks shit to Clair Box on Facebook. Usually occurs on Rachel Stricklands wall.
When Maddy deleted all her post's cause she couldn't decide on what dumb shit she wanted to say and Clair said "think quick Maddy" She got owned.
by GETBIGNIGGA June 14, 2010
The definintion of the outcome of one poor soul being out-witted in some shape or form by another, more clever and overall better being.
Megan Steele - "I just hijakced your Bebo"
Mowg - "Well your on Urban Dictionary"
Megan Steele - "Wit?"
Mowg - "OWNED. Now MOWG OFF =))!"
by Mowg_FTW May 11, 2009
(v) To be outplayed, outfought, out-talked, etc. by another person, esp. one whom is considered your nemesis.
After the 2008 SuperBowl, Tom Brady is now owned by the Manning family. He is the Manning family's bitch.
by WigOnAStick July 23, 2008
to stick your finger in someone's ass, can be male or female
I think Heather is now dating Ken, he owned her last night.
by KR+HC January 11, 2010
Usually happens when you get fucked over in a video game by some annoying fucking kid. Last words usually "OH SHIT!!" followed by "BULLSHIT!!!"
Dude he totally got OWNED!! on halo last night.
by gibson65555 May 26, 2009
when someone has a really good come back and beats u in the arguement!
"kelly i such a slag she slept with kevin"
" well why not i mean it's not like u and him r doing nething...OWNED!"
by sophiee December 10, 2005
To be made a fool of.
If ever there was an ‘epic fail’ of attempted big-time drug deals, then this is it. When 21-year old Dwayne Grant Seabourne admitted to police upon return to Tasmania last year that he’d flown back from Melbourne with $6000 worth of ecstasy in his luggage, little did he know that the Melbourne underworld had duped him with something else entirely – a shipment of 400 delicious blue M&M’s, to be precise.

“He returned to Launceston with what he believed were ecstasy tablets,” Crown prosecutor Jackie Hartnett told the Burnie Supreme Court last month. “He purchased 400 tablets for $15 each…intending to sell them for $30 each.”

However, The Advocate reports that when being interviewed by police, Seabourne didn’t express the relief that you’d expect when it became clear he’d been spared a lifetime behind bars. Instead, his response was instead much closer to anger – that those wily underworld crims had done him over! “He felt someone had essentially ripped him off,” Hartnett told the court. Dastardly underworld villains that they are.

While the state has yet to pass any laws banning the trafficking of blue M&M’s (as deliciously addictive as they may be), the prosecution argued that Seabourne should be sentenced on the “basis of the evil intended, not on the basis of the evil that could have been accomplished”.

Arguing in Seabourne’s defence, counsel Katie Edwards claimed that any harm that could have come from his “particularly unsophisticated attempt” to deal drugs was effectively nil.

by D3f1n3d July 01, 2009

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