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1. A woman who is so promiscuous that she doesn't know who her child'd father is.
2. A song performed by Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP on the FTFO album.
Girl: Who? Who? Who's my baby's daddy?
Guy: She's an owl face hoe!
by mego_muthafacko April 07, 2006
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a bitch who always be poppin out babies n have no clue who tha babies daddies is...quite simply, a whore
1.)the song owl face hoe by tha one n only shaggs 2 dope:
"it's another type of bitch, she go *whoo* maybe ya heard, not quite a chicken-head, but still a bird...*whoo whoo whoo my baby-daddy???*maybe u my baby daddy?!?* "

2.)chick 1: "yo u hear bout that one juffalo?"
chick 2: "nah, wutz goin down???"
chick 1: "yo shes pregnant again n don't know who tha baby daddy is!!!"
chick 2 : "yo homie, that shit ain't suprisin' that bitch be hootin all through tha hood, she an owl face hoe!!!"
by kotten April 10, 2006
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