Owl City is consisted of a man named Adam Young and guess what? He's not a one man band. He has percussionists, keyboardists, back up vocals, a violinist, and a cellist. Probably more. He has multiple albums, Ocean Eyes, Maybe I'm dreaming, All Things Bright and Beautiful, and the Midsummer Station. Many accuse him of being "gay" of "faggy" but they do not realize that music is truly about what the artist thinks, not about "getting low and funky and wanting to take a girl's clothes off". Young creates calm, yet feel good music which falls into its own category of Electronic music. All the people who think Owl City is a rippoff of the Postal Service do not realize that the Lady GaGa they adore is a rippoff from Madonna.
girl 1: oMg what r u listening 2?!
girl 2: Owl city
girl 1: OMG I LUV FIREFlieS!!!11!! buT all HiS OThEr sonGS are GAAAYYYY lulzzzzzzz
girl 1: Do you know what the term "gay" means
girl 2: Noooo, i just say it abOUt thinGs i doNt lykkkkk haha
girl 1:
girl 2:
girl 1:
police: so she just fell down the stairs?
girl 2: yes
by nightlock-kedavra September 03, 2012
Top Definition
A "group" that consists of one brilliant individual: Adam Young.

Although he uses auto-tune for the vocals of his music, he still has an awesome-sounding voice, and it does not sound gratuitously electronic.

He calls his genre DreamPop, Pop, Electronic, or any combination of similar terms. Wonderful lyricist and uses strong verbs in his lyrics to convey his overall message.

Amazing artist in general.
"Hey have you heard some of Owl City's music?"

"Yeah it's awesome. It's a shame he only has a couple albums. I am truly grateful for him. His lyrics always make my day, and his music is practically orgasmic."

by Humbled fan January 30, 2009
A Group made of 1 person
Adam Young
Owl City=Life♥
Sings mostly electronic, yet meaningful lyrics. fun to listen to with a group of friends
Dude! did you hear owl city last night on the radio?
YEAH! i love the song rainbow veins! "I'll blend up this rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins."
Good Times
by Becca1608 August 25, 2008
A band that has one person in it; Adam Young.
He is pure genius.
Sometimes Breanne Duren lends her voice to his music.
I believe that he should be mainstream instead of people like Lil' Wayne and Hannah Montana who have no talent whatsoever.
Although that might ruin him. D:
"I'll be out of my mind and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon" - Hot Air Balloon by Owl City"Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains, and I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins , cuz your heart has a lack of color and we should've known, that we'd grow up sooner or later, cuz we wasted all our free time alone" - Rainbow Veins by Owl City"There's a citrus constellation in the galaxy, scratched on the back of both my eye lids that I've been dying to see" - Strawberry Avalanche by Owl City"I was the youngest son of a congressman and everything was my fault, she was a gymnast, happily swinging on the uneven bars, tucked in a somersault" - Super Honeymoon by Owl City"If you cut me I suppose I would bleed, the colors of the evening stars, you can go anywhere you wish cause I'll be there, wherever you are." - The Technicolor Phase by Owl City"I guess I’ll never know, why sparrows love the snow, we’ll turn off all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow, (so tell me darling do you wish we'd fall in love?), (all the time)" - The Saltwater Room by Owl City"If I look back when I begin to leave, will they remember me?" - Early Birdie by Owl City
by invisiblenumbers July 21, 2009
Owl city is musical project by Adam Young, (the genre is Port blue). It started with humble beginnings but experienced massive success, especially after "Fireflies," was released.
It is quite sad that some (if not most) are fans for the wrong reasons, Owl city is NOT aimed at 13 year old girls :P, his music is broad ranging from faith, nostalgia and awkwardness.

He is a devout Christian, and a great role model for many as he stands firm in his beliefs despite the rather pressuring modern music industry. His lyrics are cryptic (often people don't have the brain power to understand them :P, and consider them nonsensical). Overall he is an amazing talented artist, and to those who think otherwise...
(boy... that felt good)
Owl city is brilliant.

Dear God, I was terribly lost
When the galaxies crossed
And the sun went dark.
But dear God, You're the only North Star
I would follow this far.

This shows his belief in Christianity
(this is just one of the many things he includes in his works)
by Raphae1 September 22, 2011
An absolutely amazing band consisting of the genius that is Adam Young. Most people judge him on his overplayed song Fireflies, which isn't even one of his best. Genre: Dreampop/Electronic. If you think you don't like Owl City, go listen to Vanilla Twilight and Hot Air Balloon. If you do this and still don't like Owl City, you can go die in a hole for all I care. However, if you think you like Owl City and have only heard Fireflies, go study up you noob.
Person 1: I hate Owl City.
Me: *shoves Person 1 into a pit of fire* BURNNNNNN
by rawrgoezthedinosaur May 03, 2010
The once brilliant one man "band", Adam Young was become over popularized by the mainstream radio. Most people only know him because of his songs "Fireflies", "Rainbow Veins" and more recently "Vanilla Twilight". His shirts are now hard to find in many stores were there used to be too many.
More serious fans are hoping that he will start to fade back into blissful Dreampop obscurity, where only true fans will continue to listen to him, even after he has been removed from the airwaves.
Girl A: "i <3 OwL cItY!!!1!!!1"
Girl B: "Oh, yeah? What's your favorite song by him?"
Girl A: "fIrEfLiEs!!!11"
Girl B: "Yeah, okay..."
by iwilldoubleyourentendre March 05, 2010
A musical group basically made up of one guy, Adam Young.
His music is considered Electronic, Dream Pop, or just plain pop. He currently has two studio albums called "Maybe I'm Dreaming" and "Ocean Eyes".

Though his music his amazing he is only known for his two songs" Rainbow Veins" and "Fireflies", Which are mainly listened to by Mainstream loving faggots.
Skater: "Ahh yeah thats some good Owl City right there."

'Trendy' Girl: "OMG i like love Owl City <3"

Skater: "Oh you listen to Owl City? What songs do you have?"

'Trendy' Girl: "Rainbow Veins and Fireflies"

Skater: "Get the fuck outta here and go watch MuchMusic you mainstream bitch."
by BackBurner December 26, 2009
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