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The act of extending both arms in the air horizontally creating a T followed by a closure of the arms creating an O, simultaneously dragging the right and left foot.
Owensing is usually done when one is in the presence of girls.
The term is derived from the abbreviation TO the act of being taken over, which is commonly used in reference to guys when flirting and impressing girls. Dragging the two feet is a modern modification to the act of owensing, which represents a very smooth American football move, indicating finesse when talking to a girl(s).
The term also carries its significance being that the name is derived from the National Football Leagues Terrell Owens, hence, the T and the O followed by the dragging of the right and left foot.

The act of owensing is executed by the one flirting or by a third party noticing the smooth flirting.

Pronunciation (owe-wen-sing)
Wow i can't believe he's owensing that girl, she's so hot and hard to get.
by Mcnolan April 17, 2013
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