A delicate mix of owned and Owen Wilson, one can call it out when they commit Wilson level ownage on a noob.
(Player 1 kills Player 2)
Player 1: Owened!
Player 2: *cries*
Player 1: Wilson!
#owned #owen #wilson #insane #mixture
by Nick C-L May 15, 2007
Top Definition
A fusion of the words Owen and owned. Generally speaking, the result of one individual being completely wrong in any given situation and someone else (either named Owen, or with Owenesque qualities) calling them out on it, thus exposing the individual's lack of knowledge, and surplus of foolishness. Can also be used to expose lack of skill, wit, and/or anywhere else the word owned could be used.
Robert: Hey guys! Have you heard of Sacred 2?
Vince: No.
Owen: Umm.. I've heard of it. Refresh my memory again?
Robert: It's amazing!
*notices Owen's MacBook*
Robert: Oh.. you have a Mac. Sacred 2 is only for PC... Nevamind.
Owen: Well.. Technically Sacred 2 is for Windows, which I do happen to have installed on a partition on my Mac.
Robert: But you can't run Windows games on your Mac!
Owen: Uh.. Yes, I can. If I have Windows, I can run Windows applications.. including Sacred 2 if I really wanted to.
Robert: ...
Vince: Owned.
Owen: N-no... Owened.
*walks away*
#owen #owened #own #pwned #pwn #0wn3d #n00b
by -ONEis- March 30, 2009
To express a foolish act that had double the pointlessness of being 'owned'. Where owned typically relays a feeling of rejection, owened portrays 'ownage' by one self.
<Dude A> stfu or ill ban u
<Dude B> lol without ops?
<Bystander> owen'd, LOL.

"I thought the wiring diagram was wrong and shocked myself in the process. Still cannot feel my arm."
'Owened HAH'
#owen'd #owen'ed #owned #pwnt #ownage
by bob elenothar March 20, 2006
Hollywood douchebags that try to kill themselves because they have obtained everything but death in life.
Why don't you go Owened yourself.
#suicide #hollywood #douchebag #death #cutting
by hardon69 September 06, 2007
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