the most boring town in new york, probably even in the world. no one really knows it exists, cause its so small and stupid. its full of dirty people and kids who think their the shit cause they smoke pot all day.
person 1: have you ever been to owego?
person 2: to where?!
by lovejb August 25, 2008
Top Definition
The rockinest little town in upstate New York. Home to countless fledgling celebrities, and many failed ones who fled home to the comfort of the Barleycorn. Often confused with Oswego, which has way more trust fund babies and markedly inferior weed.
I'm going to Owego for the Strawberry Festival, but we'll probably end up in the 'Corn.
by Katie Mae May 06, 2008
Noted as the coolest small town in America. It's possible for sure. The OPD (owego police department) is probably the biggest waste of money anyone has ever spent. Frankie rules the streets (the local homeless bum) although hes been MIA lately. Town is filled with a lot of druggies, most of which never leave or go anywhere in life. Lots of rich old folks live in the village. Front St. is great downtown, other than that the rest of the streets are filled with straight dirt. Great place for teenages to grow up besides the fact that you have to drive almost everywhere to have some fun. Drunken donuts get it's fair share of customers. Best activities include pissing off local old people, getting drunk and or high, and cruisin the town. The indians once lived here, and the underground railroad runs under certain houses.
Person A: Want to go roll an L then cruise Owego?
Person B: What else would we do?
Person C: True.
by Merp Alerpa March 15, 2010
an all boys camp that faggots go to in PA
owego is gay
by corneilious rutherford July 26, 2009
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