Getting hit by a Wii controller because the strap broke.
MOM!!! Kevin gave me an ow-wii
by Guy in the corner January 04, 2007
Top Definition
The painful injury incurred from a vigorous Wii Fit exercise session.
I have an Ow Wii between my neck and shoulder from too many Wii Fit hula-hoop catches.
by Michelle Singer July 29, 2008
The feeling one gets a day or so after over exerting themselves playing the Nintendo Wii.
I overdid it last night playing Wii-fit, today it's all about the ow-wii in my abs!
by mstia January 28, 2009
another word for ouch, but soo much cuter...
'owwii, i hurt myself"
by fata** February 01, 2006

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