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Term used to describe the mainland to people living on or closely associated with Catalina Island (Avalon, CA)
We are going overtown for a basketball game.
by catlover415 June 14, 2009
Worst section of Miami, Florida. Located north of Downtown Miami, predominantly a black neighborhoood (95%-black, 5%- hispanic. First black neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Infested with crime, drugs, bums, and prostitutes. For People who live in Overtown, it is home. We are called TOWNERS 4 LIFE.
Overtown is bounded by 20 st. and 3st NW. It has 6 sections- 4 cents, town park, rainbow projects, swamps projects, highland park, 18 st., 19 st.
by fred September 27, 2004
if you are from Kansas City, KS, this is what you call Kansas City, MO.
Man, I'm heading Overtown tonight.
by Smitty February 24, 2003