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Get drunk with a pair of chicks ( or dudes what ever floats your boat). Chat them both up while getting them drunk and select one of the two for romance while leaving the other to a drunk stupor. After having drunk sex with one of the individuals and they pass out, you go downstairs and have sex with their friend who is also drunk but hasn't passed out yet. Not getting caught results as a win in OT. Getting caught results as a loss in OT.
Jimmy partied with Susie and Jane. Jane and Jimmy went up stairs and had sex and Jane passed out. Jimmy put on his pants and went downstairs to Susie and had sex with Susie. Jimmy pulled the "Overtime Manuever"

**Jimmy got caught. Jimmy lost in OT.
**Jimmy did not get caught. Jimmy won in OT.
by Slimdoggie November 05, 2010
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