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(verb) a.k.a Trying too hard. Key symptoms include buying and wearing everything Brooks Brothers, Polo, Hilfiger, and Vineyard Vines.

(Dead giveaway) Buying as much of the brands named above without ever owning any of them just because those brands are commonly associated with fraternity life.

The main reason why one would partake in Over Fratting would be to impress their fellow frat brothers and to make themselves seem more "frat" than they actually are.
When everything you're wearing is Vineyard Vines and/or loudly colored you're simply just Over Fratting. NF

Steve began Over Fratting just to hide how un-frat he is.
#frat #polo #brooks brothers #hilfiger #vineyard vines #over fratting #nf #faf
by StopOverFratting December 13, 2011
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