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A popular phrase originating from Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball Z." Went viral after gaining attention on YouTube, 4chan, and other social media sites. Refers to an object of incredible strength, a large quantity of something, or any number higher than seven.
Nappa: Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?
Vegeta: It's OVER 9000!!
by Kaiser9001 February 02, 2013
10 0
A stupid, humorless meme that was popularized by dim-witted kids after it appeared on Dragon Ball Z and became overly popular to the moronic internet users, which is about 80% of all internet users.
Employer: So we looked at your profile and the fact that you are a horrible speller, didn't even bother to type this résumé, and dropped out of high school doesn't give us much reason to hire you.

Guy who uses the phrase it's over 9000: But I just need a job with an annual salary THAT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

Employer: We apologize, but you're just too stupid for this job.
by A Real Fucking Man November 29, 2010
64 170
The most abused/overused phrase on the internet.
"IT'S OVER 9000!!!"

by Ruska February 24, 2010
80 188
equals 7
3 + 4 = over 9000

over 9000 x 2 = 14
by 7000 July 17, 2009
179 397
the amount of penises a known pedophile group (anonymous), according to Oprah
it said this: it doesnt forgive, it doesnt forget, and it has over 9000 penises, all of them are raping children. The known pedophile group only has 8999 members, so someone is quite lucky.
by Ed Ward February 21, 2009
206 480
The number of penises in a known pedophile group
"Our group has over 9000 penises, and they're all raping children."
by ohcourts September 22, 2008
324 756
Meaning the number be over 9000!
WHAT! It's over 9000!
by Monie089 October 25, 2007
203 1320