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This is the act of a woman overreacting to how unlucky or ill she is whilst on their period (or time of the month).
Woman: I feel so horrible; I could just die and be happy.

Man: Ovary Action much.
by Tass and itties May 29, 2011
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An Ovaryaction is when a female responds over the top in any given
context based on emotional charge rather than logic. It usually occurs
within the menstrual cycle because her Ovaries get angry and cause
the Ovaryaction thats how the word was formed.
''Why the god damn hell did you drink from the milk carton Steve, quit bitching your just having an Ovaryaction because your surfing the crimson wave.
by TJection November 29, 2010
A woman's overaction to something or someone when she's around the time of getting her period.
"I just don't feel like you 'see' me, you know. It's like I talk and talk and you don't listen to what I'm saying," said Sarah.

"It's that time of the month, right?," said Tim. "Don't you think this might be an ovaryaction?"
by Vaguenouvelle March 26, 2013

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