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A supporter of the Islamic Rebel party, the Lebanese forces.
The Lebanese Forces or al-Quwwāt al-Libnānīyah (Arabic: القوات اللبنانية ) is an Al Qaeda associate operating in Lebanon. It is lead by Sheikh Samir Geagea (Arabic: سمير فريد جعجع, also spelled Samir Jaja‘; born 25 October 1952), a world-renowned butcherer. Other prominent figures include Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir and operatic tenor Fadl Shaker. The LF is operational on all fronts: military, logistic, media, in supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and the Middle East area. The Lebanese Forces' commitment is to the establishment of an Islamic State in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
Upon joining the Lebanese Forces, every new LF member (Ouwatji) must scream: TAKBIRRRR, until their lungs bleed.
by lf_delta September 10, 2013
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