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1) Restaurant franchise that is headquartered in Tampa, Florida; renowned for its thick, juicy steaks and savory Bloomin' Onions

2) Eatery whose cuisine will inflict some unrighteous pain on grown man's gastrointestinal tract. The conglomeration of grease from the Aussie fries, juice from the Coca-Cola marinated steak, and cream from Sydney's Sinful Sundae will surely bring you to your knees and make you plead for clemency.

3) Longtime sponsor of the Outback Bowl, which is played annually on New Years Day. The Outback Bowl is notorious for its early kickoffs and frequently swampy conditions to welcome college football fans to a new year.
1) "Johnny's system was under unrelenting siege from the filling Outback meal, as the Aussie fries and Victoria's 9-ounce fillet pummeled his system to sheer oblivion."

2) "Jake missed the entire first half of the Outback Bowl after being hung over at the New Year's Eve Party. At least he was able to see his Razorbacks open up a can of whoopass on Michigan in the second half."

by Z_19 May 14, 2007
to be intoxicated, disoriented, incapacitated.
also- to be s.o.l or in a bad position
variations depend on how bad off/fucked up one is, see example
see up front can also mean a female that looks bad, or an attractive female is up front, not so hit is out back
damn,jamie's out back!
or- damn, jamie's out back like a pile of bricks
or- damn, jamie's in the attic/basement
or- damn, you in the neighbors shit
or- damn, connor's down the street round the corner in the wrong house

by jen b. s. January 04, 2008
A dry dessert like place or Australia constisting of animals and dangerous reptiles.
Good day mate! my name's Steve. Come goin us as we adventure into Australia's "out back."
by asia will July 11, 2004
1. A large expanse of baran wasteland in Australia. The location of which many many homosexual encounters take place consensual or otherwise. Scientific tests have been conducted and the findings are that no living creature in the outback is heterosexual. Which would explain the lack of wildlife. Experts say that in 10 years Australia will be completely devoid of all life because of homosexuality.

2. A very nice steakhouse, reasonably priced and delicious.
1. Bareback in the outback. Just deal with it, it's gonna happen!

2. Try the ribs they're awesome!
by Squaids187 July 07, 2010
A term used for the action of smoking weed.
"Hey, i just bought some fresh fruit, you wanna go out back."
by Sh@dowBlood August 22, 2009
1. a womans ass
2. good looking butt
Daaaamn! She is pack on the rack and stacked out back!
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
The flab that hangs out over the backside of a person's pants--similar to a "muffin top" but referring specifically to the back area. This phenomenon often occurs when a heavier woman tries to be sexy by wearing low-rise jeans or pants with a revealing mid drift t-shirt or top.
Dude, that girl's cute but she's got an outback.
by AceAudi February 13, 2008
the best restaurant in the world. they also have pretty cool hostesses. and they have the best cheese fries and Sydney's Sinful Sunae's.
outback steakhouse :D

also known as: infront
by zeirelavz March 25, 2007