Ugly bastard who tries it on where he is not welcome.
To be on a girl that doesn't like you is to be an OUST. Also to be disliekd by many is to be called O-U-S-T.

by Luciano October 05, 2003
Top Definition
Redefined by the youths of Beverley, East Yorkshire and the surrounding area, oust is a general exclamation that can be used in a variety of circumstances. It can be used as an expression of greeting, or as an insult. It can also be accompanied by a click of the fingers, followed by pointing at the target of the word. People who are ousted in this way are generally geeks with no friends, as they are an easy target for abuse.
Eg 1: "Wassup?"
Eg 2: "Oust dave!"
by Psycho15 February 06, 2009
to leave, or to take from another person
let us oust fron this lame ass party, I just ousted your seat my friend you didnt call sweaty sack.
To shake a bottle of beer up. open it up and insert it into somones arse.
"go on... oust benn!"
by walshy -atbf- March 20, 2006
One who tries it on with girls that dislike him. also a scrape that no 1 likes.
If you tried to go out with some one that didn't like you, you would be an oust...also generally a arsehole can be referred to as an oust.
by Luciano October 05, 2003
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