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A term for fans of Anime-inspired, French-produced cartoons like 'Ōban Star-Racers' and 'Wakfu'. A pun based on the word, and pronounced exactly like, weeaboo, and the spelling of the French would for "Yes", "oui", which is pronounced "wee".
"Wakfu. Ouiaboo MMORPG spinoff. /rs/ has subbed episodes, as does The Pirate Bay." - Anonymous on /co/, 4Chan.
by OuiabooAnonymous December 07, 2008
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A ouiaboo (pronounced weeaboo is a non-French person who is obsessed with French culture. Similar to a weeaboo.
Person 1: Oui oui, I just love french culture, so much better than our stupid American merde.

Person 2: Ouiaboo
by pizza-eating_newfie August 29, 2014

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