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What people always say when I stick my huge cock in them.
Ouch! I was expecting the length, but not the girth!
by jimmy patrick March 03, 2008
The phrase that comes to mind for all parties involved, when mentioning the idea of needing to have had 18 stiches in your penis, because some bitch decided to bite down, or not secure her tounge ring while givin brains
what comes to mind when i say that i had 8 stiches in my dick because some bitch decided to bite down while goin down. and ive had 10 stiches when another girl decided that it wasnt important to secure her tounge ring?
by HipHop Cowboy April 09, 2005
Indicates the subject of the sentence has just gotten bitten by a snake.
I think I'll just stick my hand in that hole and OUCH!!!
by Coolcat February 26, 2005
pain or suffering due to stupidity.
I said OUCH when I was clotheslined by the wire that I did not see until it was two feet away from me.
by Homer April 05, 2004
she said ouch because it was a needle dick and you missed and pricked her leg
sarcomax could fuck hank hills narrow urethra
by Cotton Hill(killed 50 men) March 07, 2003
Mad sexy or mad fine
When you see a man or woman that is just major fine you would call them an ouchie. Just looking delicious. Or a pair of stiletto's that are just hot. Or the price is so high it makes you immediately feel pain.
by Chelsea August 20, 2004
i expression indicating pain
your girlfriend screemed ouch!!! as i ripped open her vagina with my large penis
by jimmer November 18, 2003