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Ouch Gum is the slang used for bubble gum that is actually called, 'Ouch! Bubble Gum Bandages.' the ouch gum usually came in a 24Ct Box that costed $0.94 ea. for 1 tin box.

There's 21 pieces of Ouch! Bubble Gum inside, separated into 3 packs which contained 7 pieces of of Ouch Gum pieces for 1 pack. The 3 packs contained 3 of each flavor. the 3 flavors were Grape, Watermelon, and Strawberry.

The 'Ouch! Bubble Gum Bandages' was made to look like a band aid to wrap around your tongue. The ouch gum comes from Hubba Bubba which is taken over by the Wrigleys company which is a company that makes a variety of flavors in bubble gum.
Sally: "Has anyone seen my Ouch Gum?"
Ronnie: "Oh! are you talking about that type of bubblegum that looks like a band aid and comes in that tin box?"
Sally: "Yeah! Have you seen it?"
Ronnie: "Nope!"
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
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