This is an action carried out by a brave individual who would assist a female who has improperly inserted or lost the string to her tampon and has had a bloody mess, and cannot remove the hygiene product herself. The real work comes when the assistant must remove the bloodied tampon by using a sucking action over the lips of the clitoris. The used sopository should come out with very little effort. But in extreme, and even life-threatening situations, the sucking action should be increased to dislodge the cotton stick, lest she get toxic shock syndrome.
Shelly says to Bob: "Hey Bob, I got a bad problem, can you help me?"
"I lost my string to my tampon and I need you to Otter Pop it out..."
"Thanks again Bob, your the best co-worker ever"
by Mrs. Shelly Robert Jones May 18, 2010
1) A term used to describe a good looking chick that you don't know. The term is often associated with the color they are wearing when one spots them.

2) A term used to describe a good looking chick by associating her with an otter pop color that one enjoys.

Dude: Red otter pop 12 o' clock.

Friend: Damnnnnnn


Dude: Check that orange otter pop over.
Friend: She's more of a purple otter pop if you get what I am saying.
by nvrthkboutwakinup January 09, 2010
the most best treat you will ever eat
yo doodz dis otter pop is xtreme
by 66656 June 21, 2004
a) a delicious frozen treat served in a thin plastic rapper.
b) the act of a male sea otter repeatedly hitting a female sea otter on the nose (often drawing blood) until the female is submitted into coitus
c) humans acting out the sea otter ritual in b; coercing a female into sex
a) this otter pop is delicious
b) *splash* there goes another otter pop
c) if she says no, it's otterpop time; why are you otterpopping that girl, she'll put out with anyone
by hellen haven August 07, 2005
An injection, a guy can take that will flavor his cum, in order for it to work the guy needs to ice his dick for a half hour. Once the girls starts to go down on you the injection will tingle your balls and finally leave a flavory explosion in your girls mouth. From experience the injection is a little painful but the girl says its well worth it. The flavors are strawberry, mango, chocolate, coffee, kiwi, grapefruit, and carmel.
MMmm lets do an otter pop tonight, i want to lick strawberry all off of you.
by Alex J. Frother March 17, 2008
After busting your nut into a condom, the condom is taken off of your member and then the insides are sucked out by your victim like an old school otter pop(cycle)!
man when i was done she took the condom off and suck on it like an otter pop.. maybe she thaught it was a profesor issac!
by RoCK Az 623 January 22, 2009
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