Retarded people on tumblr who think they are animals and other fictional characters.
I was fired from my job because I am a wolf otherkin and belive i am a wolf, so I growled at customers. OPPRESHION!
by Gamebag1 June 28, 2015
Someone who is retarded.
"Don't talk to him, he thinks he's a rock from Steven Universe."
"Oh, he must be OtherKin."
by Rivvy Rain August 08, 2015
Otherkin believe, for many reasons, that they aren't 100% human. Otherkin know they're physically human, and don't believe they can physically shift into their kintype.
Otherkin do shift in other ways. For example, mental shifting is the state of becoming more like one's kintype mentally, often with some mix of heightened senses, phantom limbs, having strong urges to act like one's kintype, etc.
Otherkin can feel as though they are an animal (therians/therianthropes), a fictional character (fictionkin/fickin), or an object or plant. One's type is discovered through a process called awakening.
Some believe they were their type in a past life, some believe they are in an alternate universe, some believe they are on a metaphysical level, or they may hold some other belief. There is no single "correct" way to be otherkin, so long as one identifies as, not with, something nonhuman.
Otherkin don't think it's oppressive for non-kin to wear animal ears, plantkin don't care if you cut grass or eat vegetables, and therians don't act as their kintype in public, as they know they're physically human and must fit into society. They're just normal people, only a bit less human on the inside. You may have been served coffee by a dragon this week without knowing. You may even have friends/family members who're otherkin. They aren't inherently mentally ill, and they blend in with society just as well as anyone else.
I've been feeling leathery astral wings and horns lately, I may be dragonkin!

My cousin is otherkin, their kintype is a raccoon. Sometimes they wear a striped tail to feel closer to their kintype.

I'm fickin with Peridot from Steven Universe, when I get screentime it makes my day!

I'm caninekin, and no, I do not bark at strangers or pee outside.
by Tallfox_kin December 28, 2015
People who use role playing to escape from their problems, taking on otherkin personas as a cry for help from the masses.

They seek to employ attention whoring as a cry for help from other people.

They wish to be seen, loved and appreciated online because in real life they know they are invisible to the world and no one cares about cowards who cannot deal with their problems in a healthy way!

They say they are here to heal others but they are the ones really in need of can they solve other people's problems if they cannot even work through their own shit?

Otherkin identify as NON-human personalities only to just not look at their own fucked up human condition that needs real healing!
Otherkin: "hi I am an angel, I am here to solve all your problems, currently I am going through a divorce and struggle for custody over my own child while I struggle with an unfaithful husband!"

Me: "uhhm if you are an angel of love and light why did you fuck up your marriage, why does your husband hate you, why do you have a failed family life, why is your personal life a mess? Yeah I bet your kid will really love you some day for leaving her dad!"

Another example would be:

Otherkin: "I am an angel here to save the world but I am too sacred shitless to deal with reality, so I stick with online role playing instead... It is people like me that give indigo children a bad aftertaste since when I am busy trolling and glorifying myself online you know I really don't have time to make a real difference out there in the REAL world."
by indigohater January 03, 2013
Otherkin is a spirituality in which one believes that they are the reincarnation of an animal. There's also a community who believe they are connected to space, called spacekin, and a community called fictionkin who are drawn to fictional characters.

Sometimes used as a coping method for mentally ill teenagers.
The otherkin community is overall very accepting and caring, albeit the ridicule they receive from twelve year old white boys who don't even know what otherkin is.
"I came out as otherkin yesterday, the otherkin community seems great."
by afauninaflowercrown March 30, 2015
When a mentally unstable person has not been properly hospitalized and given medication, and has come to believe they are not human, superior to others, or somehow linked to an animal/fictional being spiritually. Like most batshit crasy individuals, their shit filled minds are impossible to flush clean and will deny any aspects of being human.

If encountered in real life, quickly call the proper institution in your area, and the men in white coats will gladly give them the desperate shock treatment they need.
Otherkin: IM A DRAGON!
Rational person: No, you're human...
Otherkin: STFU hyooman, before I burn you with my fiery breath!
Rational person: Idiot.. walks away
by Rational human being January 06, 2008
Otherkin is a group of people who believe that in some way, they are not completely human. Some think they are a reincarnation of mythological beings, aliens, animals native to this planet, etc. Others think they've descended from ancient elvish or fae bloodlines and what have you. Probably most rarely, even some believe that they are existing on this plane in their "trueform" but under a "seeming," which from what I know is some sort of magical disguise.
While a vast majority of 'kin are most likely vying for attention and many may indeed be delusional, there are those who lead quite normal lives and are quite happy with the way things are.
"I never would have guessed, but my friend is an otherkin. She seemed so normal, too."
"The otherkin just wanted a place to relax, but it seemed that even on their own turf the flamers would not give them peace."
by IntVSYou September 06, 2005
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