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Otherkin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, believe themselves to be the reincarnation of mythic creatures, typically elves, though others include dragons, demons, vampires, ogres, deities, and so on. Related groups include therianthropes, who believe themselves reincarnations of animal souls, and otakin/otakukin, people who think they are reincarnations of fictitious characters from Japanese anime, manga, and video games.

Otherkin often find themselves the subject of ridicule. In the majority of cases, it is because their beliefs fly in the face of rational, critical thinking and tend to fall apart very quickly under hard scrutiny. One of the most common beliefs is of an Elven Holocaust in which humankind supposedly wiped the elves from the Earth, despite the fact that no such evidence, archaeological or otherwise, exists anywhere in the geologic record either for the supposed holocaust, let alone the existence of elves.

Other aspects common to Otherkin belief include a sense of superiority over their fellow human beings. This takes a variety of forms, such as a tendency to ascribe positive aspects of the human personality as something only unique to Otherkin. "Mundanes", the rest of humanity who do not share their beliefs or are simply unaware of them, are looked down upon as inferior brutes.

Otherkin often exhibit certain personality traits common to dissociative disorders and manic depression. This includes what are known as grandiose, persecutory, and religious delusions.

This combination makes them very unpopular.

The Otherkin claimed to be the reborn soul of an elf slain eons ago by marauding humans, only to be looked at askance by the rest of his classmates who went back to eating their lunch.
by M T February 21, 2007
Otherkin are wacky furries who hate the environment and have a marked inability to use proper spelling, punctuation, etc. If they are here for a purpose, that purpose would seem to be to inspire the building of more prisons for the criminally insane.

Otherkin insist that they are not human, so, though still illegal, hunting them for sport should not be considered murder.
"Jeff, I bagged a dragon and two vampires today! How about you?"

"It wasn't a great day for hunting otherkin, Rob. All I got was this lousy half-elf, half-angel."
by otherkinhater August 05, 2006
1. Beings Who BELIEVE TO have the soul from their previous life in their now human host, who still contain memories of their past life or of thier true beings.

2. Beings Who DO HAVE a soul from a previous life and is now in a human host, who DO in fact contain memories of thier past life and thier true beings.

3. For the people out there who belive that otherkin are tree huggers and hippies thats a load of rubbish, they are just beings trying to help out, they wouldnt do anything stupid like protest against people destroying the enviroment or anything, they destroy the enviroment and polute things and burn things too.

p.s. anyone who thinks otherkin are just people sitting behind a computer making up stuff to be cool, or were emotionally distressed so make up stories are freaken retards, otherkin arent like that they are nothing like furrys either, furrys are people who dress up as animals and talk about sex most of the time, otherkin are spiritual and furrys are just pretending to be animals. so if you hate otherkin and think they are mentally ill or the same as furrys or hippies then go eat out your mum because you have no idea what your talking about.Also They dont all belive that they can use magic and spells and stuff like that you idiots, get a life go find something else to poke fun at like christianity.
1. Bob: "Hey Joe i think i have memories of my past life as a wolf"
Joe: "hey thats great bob, how about we get some fish 'n' chips"
Bob: "nah i dont belive in eating fish anymore Joe"
Joe:"oh yeah?"
*Joe points at fish 'n' chips shop*
Bob: oh i spose i can eat that still even though i think it probably isnt otherkin of me. (otherkin eat animals they do what ever they want, they arent all vegetarian and stuff u noobs)

2. Aerill: "Hey Arlius I have memories of my previous life and true being"
Arlius: "Really wow, what was it like, i have memories like that also, but what were yours like?"
Aerill: "i would rather not talk about it, i would rather do something that i want to do like burn rubbish bins"
Arlius: "Cool can i come?"

3. Zetath: "I'll cover you in petrol and light you on fire and make u run around in a dry forest"
by Therion Turmirur April 29, 2006
we people whom feel that humanity is a horrible race of cruel and heartless people and that therefore we could not possibly be a member of them. we believe that we are something else, or at least partially so...

and while some of our number do fall under the category of a "furrie" they are not the majority and also, not all of us think we are something else, but we still wish that we where.
"since otherkin insist that they are not human that it should be illegal to hunt them for sport but still not considered murder" = one of many horrible persons.
by happypill363 January 19, 2008
People who are psycotic hypocrites. (they thing things humanity does are bad and try to solve them USEING the bad ways)
They tend to hang out with animals more than humans and they feel a spirtual connection with animals.(there is really no connection it is really their warped mind)
They also beleve they were once an animal in there preveious life (what the hell makes them so damn sure, your memory of your previous life does not come with you)
Understanding otherkin is like trying to understand an autistic child, you will never understand these people.
by Mundane Shawn March 13, 2005
Otherkin are the absence of awful brained humans who fear evolution, who hate religion or spirituality they can not understand.

Otherkin are real. It has nothing too do with roleplaying games. Kin aren't just teens either, they can be my age and higher. I am 28.
Otherkin is based on the belief their souls or bodies are human, they strive for a spiritual balance like they knew on their home realm worlds or planets.
There can be elves, fae, vampyres, angels, celestials, daemons, furries, therians, odd energy beings who have no gender, or body form called polymorphs, and others called starseeds.

Some otherkin believe in ascension. The belief one can send their energy vibration level through the roof, and ascend beyond petty thoughts, mind games, and silly human things, such as material posessions, money and the eternal wants of something or another.

Otherkin is not the home realm word for us as a collective. My home realm uses the word "A'lendiae". It means "people of the balance". Not as if humans should believe it, but humans as a race would be the butt puppets of another metaphysical world of evil kin if the others did not give a damn in saving them, earth plane, and the concepts of magick as breathe, dance and flow. But that is ok, we understand humans too be without evolution and maturity, and we hold great pity for them. One day perhaps they will learn that their hate and fear of the unknown are useless acts of depravity, and will see the eroor of their ways after they transcend after death into another they often made fun of for pointless reasons.
The otherkin mocked the human who could not understand.

The otherkin feasted on the human's blood. Just because he was ignorant did not mean his prana wasn't satisfying.

The otherkin looked down on the fear of humans, and wept.

The Otherkin looked up at the stars and smiled.

The otherkin stood in the rain, drank the rain from the leaves and did a jig in a puddle. Life was grand sometimes.
by LadyAnara December 11, 2005
I am an otherkin and the definitions of us are insulting me. First of all we don't think were the animal we think we are a reincarnation or was once living as the animal in a past life.Second of all I have a reason to hate humans for what they did to wolves see many wolves in america. no you dont. thats cause the american goverment killed most of them off cause they were ignorant pricks and THOUGHT they killed livestock.Lets see did they kill livestock? RARLEY. Third of all we are humans in this life so we must use this human power to make other species of animals lives' better. Otherkin being born as humans is not a mistake but a task to teach others that human life is not the most significant form of life. And this message is to otherkin who think of themselves as dragons, elves, gods, ect. that is not useful on planet earth so find a realistic reason for your thoughts like i did and stick to it. Only then will you not be a human in you next life.
The otherkin are put on this planet for a reason see.
by Lupine Shawn February 06, 2005

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