Noun. The act of a moose licking maple syrup off the head of a beaver's head while dry humping an igloo. (Canadian, origin unknown)
Did you see the terrified look on those Innu's faces when that ote went down?
by pjm3 April 15, 2011
Over the edge. Usually used to express strong emotions.
1. The new Starbucks drink is so ote. I love it!
2. Ugh you're making me so ote. Can you not??
by Snickersnuffle June 29, 2016
typo 4 ite, a commonly used greeting that came about as a result of a typo ite as O & I are next to each other on the keyboard.
A: ote
B: yeh thnx
A: kl
by halz July 02, 2006
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