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A newly found religion that believes the great god Oswrath created all the planets in boredom except Earth. He placed a different mythical creature on each and they all died. However on the last dinosaur on Mars ejaculated into space just before dying. Later the last unicorn on Venus ejaculated into space as well, also just before dying. The two separate wads of semen slammed into each other creating the most fertile planet... Earth. Along with Earth a man named Jimillama was created, he unfortunatly died but became the Sun. Oswrath seeing the newly formed planet created humans to inhabit the planet.

Oswrathian believes that all other animals are actually humans that have devolved and that humans are slowly devolving. According to Oswrilites (followers of Oswrathian) All humans will eventually devolve into lesser beings.
Oswrathian is an amazing religion.
by irgodlike January 05, 2009
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