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Aussie slang for someone who reinvents themselves constantly. Changing their appearance, though they still look the same to those who know them... Sometimes even changing their name on a whim. These people are often not well respected.
That chick changes her look so often, she's a real Ostin.
by binda33 June 29, 2010
A fat fuck who thinks he knows everything. He also thinks he is the funniest person in the world. His cock is also an inch long.
Ostin is gay as fuck dude
by arf25 July 22, 2014
An Ostin is usually a really great guy who falls for the girl who won't acknowledge his existence but he can't help it because she is funny and beautiful. He is usually self-conscious and shy, until you get to be friends with him.
That guy over there is such an Ostin...
by Capit_Alised_Moose July 29, 2016
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