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The father of nipponsei. The highest on the OP totem pole (depending on your thoughts on Generalsmoker and minglong).

Leads with a stern but fair hand... unless you happen to be the subject of his ire.

Then again, aren't all fathers all like that?
<astheuon> click here: (porn link)
<astheuon> click here: (porn link)
<astheuon> click here: (porn link)
* OsisNie sets mode: +b *!*@3D90DA9E.E09CE52A.5484086D.IP
* astheuon was kicked by OsisNie (No)
by nipponsei family member February 23, 2005

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2003-Current: Crowned King of the Nipponsei people.
A: "Did you get blessed by OsisNie, King of the Nipponsei people?"
B: "No, that fatass banned me..."
by Anonymous February 11, 2005