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A Welsh name which amazingly translates to "with great power, comes great responsibility"

The name has been used by the Welsh folk for centuries and has largely increased in popularity in the past 10 years.
Jill: I think Osian is such a lovely name
Jack: i couldn't agree more!
Uncle Ben: what does it mean in english??
by OSHWANZ May 06, 2009
Osian is a name with precisely 11.2 meanings.
Here's just one of them.

A Nordic King who defeated a Saxonic King by transforming into a big deer.
Osian = Big Deer.
Farmer's Wife Belinda- Hey Jimm, honey. Say, you're back early from the hunt!
Farmer Jimm- Come look, Belinda! I just shot me an Osian!


Susan- So, Kyle... How is he... you know... in bed?

Claire- You don't mess around do you Susan? *Giggles* Yeah he's a total Osian.


by uwanttruthitellz May 09, 2009
a crap name that welsh people give their children
your name is osian...HAHA!
by roflator February 24, 2005
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