a girl who is trailer park trash that consumes an outrageously large amount of cock but never seems happy about it.....until she has man gravy all over her face
man, them ladies at the nursing home sure are Oscar The Grouches
by Pat Mecrotch March 12, 2004
Top Definition
The poorest motherfucker on Sesame Street and ain't nobody helpin' him.
Man: Oscar you are so mean.
Kid: Yeah Oscar you're a grouch
by shshsauce June 23, 2005
n. the unconcious girl who just woke up and realizes you are fucking her
I found this girl on the street, and things were going well for a while, but damn she went Oscar the Grouch on me. So I shoved her ass in a trashcan.
by Manhattan Transfer March 23, 2003
v. To hide in a trashcan, wait for a female to walk by, pop out and pull her in with you, and have intercourse amongst the refuse. Prior acquaintance is not required.

n. One who partakes in the above act
(1) "This dumpster is disgusting!" James said. "I sure would love to pull an Oscar the Grouch in here."

(2) "Judging from the number of used condoms, I would guess a serial Oscar the Grouch lives in here."
by Primal Poopy Butt April 15, 2011
A homeless puppet that is always having a nicotine withdrawal.
Kid: Why are you so mean, Oscar?
Oscar the Grouch: SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
The coolest Sesame Street character because he has an attitude problem.
Oscar the Grouch: Get the fuck away from mah trashcan befo' I bust a cap in yo' ass!
by AYB March 23, 2003
After you are done bangin' an intoxicated booty call, you get up out of bed, throw the bitch over your shoulder, and toss him/her into a trash can/dumpster where they belong.
Damn, I gave her two minutes to get clothed, then I had to Oscar the Grouch that bitch!
by Craig-James August 08, 2006
When you bang a girl doggy style over a Dumpster or Trashcan. After you pull out, ejaculate on the 'grouches' backside and then slam the lid of the dumpster or trashcan on the victims head. Usually performed on trashy sluts.
You remember that trashy whore from the bar last night?

Yeah I remember that scallywag .

Well I totally gave her the good ol' Oscar The Grouch last night.
by T_Mobile87 September 10, 2010
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