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One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
1336 683
A person or persons, who love to kiss and flex their arms like crazy , because they think it makes them look buff. And when they get made fun of/owned, they have a habit of only being able to say , "Oh yeah". On occasion seen at banks with another male (usually a lover) and one of which is wearing very short green shorts. Stay far away.
Dude 1: Dude you're a piece of shit!
Dude 2: OH Yeah!?
Dude 1: What!? Is that the best you got? My god you're such an Oscar.
Dude 2: OH Yeah!?
by tbav November 28, 2009
45 48
A term used to describe a squirrel fucker
Look at that Oscar, he loves to feed grapes to the red squirrel
by OREN THE BISEXUAL October 14, 2010
13 17
Perhaps a man known for eating numerous hot dogs, he is childish and hangs out with people who are either cool or douches. Oscar himself is a rather chill and cool guy who people dont mind being around.
Hey Oscar is pretty cool. Yea but his friends are fags.
by DaddyTom11 May 22, 2011
2 8
-(v):the act of constantly and compulsively lying to a spouse,friend,or family member.Unnecessary dishonesty and deceit in an act to hide flaws or impress others. to put up a front.

-the drug oxycontin

-an ugly fish
1-man i cant believe i got oscar'd! he told me he would give me the world and all i got was a bunch of lies.

2-man lets get perked out on some oscar

3-DAMN! that oscar fish is FUGLY! time to return that shit to petsmart!
by wfink August 30, 2010
11 18
Slang for OxyContin, a heroin-like painkiller that lots of people seem to like these days.
Yo man, you hangin out with Oscar today?? That dude owes me 80 bucks

ie-I was interested in purchasing an 80mg Oxy pill.
by JoHn February 16, 2004
43 50
sexy mexican who loves to have phone sex with his lady
oscar -- i wanna put my thick cock in you baby really hard
girl -- oohhhh baby
oscar -- imma f*ck you really hard until i cum everywhere

girl -- omg
--a few hours later--
girl -- ooohhhh baby
oscar -- oohh baby imma cum!
by ohlalax3 July 06, 2009
32 41
another word for a blowjob...according to E-Rock....because he hates the fact that the lord of the rings trilogy won 17 oscars...and he's not impressed by it.
Oscar? *scoff* ...that's just another word for a blowjob. *blowjob hand motion*
by fackyou December 04, 2007
32 41