one dead motherfucker
Obama: "US Ground Forces infiltrated Osama bin Laden's compound, bent him over, and fucked him with a rusty pipe without lube before executing him point-blank with a .44. God Bless America."
by DeltaForce9001 May 01, 2011
Terrorist leader who is apparently far more intelligent than the combined intelligence of the world leaders trying to find him.
My friend got a perfect score on his MCAT. He's a straight-up Osama bin Laden.
by a random asshole July 28, 2008
some shitty bazonga who started 9/11 and is now being raped by sea animals in the ocean including whales, turtles, and even starfish.

He is also a hide and seek champion even beating Waldo since 2001.

He is also called Waldo's evil bro.
in 2011 we shot that son of a bitch (Osama Bin Laden) in the head.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 26, 2012
The first and only participant in a series of bullet-eye surgeries performed by Seal Team 6.

Jake: What kind of name is Chaz??
by CoolSteve July 11, 2011
A fag that was killed yesterday in his mansion. then was thrown in the ocean.
Hey look at Osama Bin Laden getting shot in the face then thrown into the ocean YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
by Bob Shan May 02, 2011
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