A dirty arab who died on the same day as Hitler. Killed by the brave SEAL team six. Mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. America! Fuck yeah!
guy 1: Did you hear? Osama Bin Laden was killed!

guy 2: America fuck yeah!
When one is getting head from a chick and right when they are about to comee they knock the chick out and ejaculate on her face. Then you shave your pubs and give her a beard. Then the man craps on her head in a coil. Then he wraps her in the sheets and leaves.
Man that chick was pissing me off with all of her talk about terrorists so i gave her an Osama bin Laden
by bin laden the bitch June 25, 2009
The mastermind behind 9/11, and a scapegoat used for fear-mongering by the Neo-cons to get people to vote for them. Has probably been dead since 2001, although the neo-cons won't tell you that.
Rudy Giuliani: blah blah blah 9/11 blah blah blah Osama bin Laden blah blah blah IT'S GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN!!11!!!!111!!!!!!!11

Me: My God, make it stop! You people are just as bad!
by joe617 July 13, 2009
The man who planned 9/11 and is now a Facebook celebrity.
Guy 1 - " Hey dude I gotta go update my Facebook status. Osama Bin Laden's dead did you hear ?"

Guy 2 - " No... I didn't hear that's only what the past 911 posts were about. Old news."
by Soccerplayer3 May 02, 2011
a really big meanie head. ...
osama bin laden sells me candy at his gas station. he is also a big stupid face.
by placebox December 03, 2007
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