one dead motherfucker
Obama: "US Ground Forces infiltrated Osama bin Laden's compound, bent him over, and fucked him with a rusty pipe without lube before executing him point-blank with a .44. God Bless America."
by DeltaForce9001 May 01, 2011
A terrorist. America cheered when he died today. But, hes a terrorist.
Osama Bin Laden died on May, 1, 2011.
by OsamaHater111 May 01, 2011
Me - Osama bin Laden is dead!
by Freaky-Deeky May 01, 2011
A supposed "terrorist" that bush and the C.I.A. made up to strip Americans of their freedoms using the Patriot Act to go into the Middle East for oil. Usama worked for the C.I.A. in the 80's under the name Tim Ossman. They also created al-qaeda and taught them how to fight, make bombs, and sneek boxcutters onto a plane.
Osama Bin Laden was a C.I.A. asset.
by Red_Eyez May 22, 2008
Osama Bin Laden: lol, ill use my wife as a meat shield!

Special Forces: What a fucking noob. BOOM! HEADSHOT!
by TheFannyBandito May 06, 2011
Osama Bin Laden is dead
by southeastbeast May 04, 2011
I jerk terrorist who has been shot by American troops and thrown out to sea because no country would accept his body.
Wow, that coward Osama Bin Laden finally got what was coming to him.
by Montana17 May 03, 2011

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