a pungently reddish/pink man, enjoys unicycling and basket weaving. favorite meal is a woman's vajayjay. has a small penis, yet able to thrust for long hours.
"did you see the color on that flamengo??? damn what an osama!"
by hatchsucker April 21, 2010
afghan's little hillbilly.
"hey i'm osama and i like my mama."
by istohard January 05, 2007
My cute little furry hamster.::
Osama is my hamster beetch.
by Girls at OHS March 26, 2008
When holding J/9 in your hand while playing texas holdem.
My Osama(J9) destroyed your twin towers(AA)!!!
by Cory Michael Smith May 22, 2007
An annoying persistent person that does not want to go away.

Or a dumbass that repeatedly does stupid shit with very few good reasons. Sort of like a crackhead that has nothing to do but look for trouble and blame his problems on other people that are better off.
Shit, that Jehova witness keeps not on my fucking door every Saturday morning. He is such an Osama.

by StopKnockingOnMyDoor April 23, 2006
A tall about 6 ft 5 inches, arab that lives in a cave somewhere in the middle east. Osama is a mastermind plotting the downfall of western civilization. Unfortunately for him, hes holed up in a cave somewhere with no communications and failing health. He is 44 years old but looks to be at least 78 years old, the terroristism business is not an easy life. Osama is a muslim. Muslims don't like the way westerns live, they would prefer that the whole world prayed 5 times a day to their so called god. And smoke dope the rest of the time.
1st Arab: "Osama how do you like living in a cave and sucking on rocks for nurishment"?
Osama : "other than losing 75 pounds its not so bad, I needed to slim down some"
1st arab: "do you still hate Christians & Jews"?
Osama: "who cares about Christians & Jews? I just want to get out of this cave, and find some hot muslim women, and ride my camel again".
by takethathill August 19, 2006
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