A tall about 6 ft 5 inches, arab that lives in a cave somewhere in the middle east. Osama is a mastermind plotting the downfall of western civilization. Unfortunately for him, hes holed up in a cave somewhere with no communications and failing health. He is 44 years old but looks to be at least 78 years old, the terroristism business is not an easy life. Osama is a muslim. Muslims don't like the way westerns live, they would prefer that the whole world prayed 5 times a day to their so called god. And smoke dope the rest of the time.
1st Arab: "Osama how do you like living in a cave and sucking on rocks for nurishment"?
Osama : "other than losing 75 pounds its not so bad, I needed to slim down some"
1st arab: "do you still hate Christians & Jews"?
Osama: "who cares about Christians & Jews? I just want to get out of this cave, and find some hot muslim women, and ride my camel again".
by takethathill August 19, 2006
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The best Hide-and-go-Seek player the World has ever seen.
That Osama is a good hider, can't find em', and I've looked everywhere.
by Sebby Lite February 04, 2009
An evil terrorist. He is probably hiding in someones basement, playing xbox live.

Also a slang term for killing something.
Boy:Why do we have to kill poochy?
Mom:Yo what up homie. He is getting in the old, home bisquit. We need to Osama him ta hell!
by eskimospy December 30, 2006
n. a horrible, despicable, and very bad person

v. to go balls-out insane and destroy something
"Becky's new boyfriend smells bad and doesn't have a job. He's a real osama."

"When Becky broke up with her boyfriend, he totally osamaed her car!"
by ghostpigeon July 25, 2005
A fugly camel fucker with a sphincter for a mouth
'Osama lives in a cave and fucks camels for fun'
by xGiveMeAllYourPoisonsx October 13, 2007
The world's greatest player at hide and seek.
Osama must be invisable.
by badgerman5566 January 26, 2011
Obama's ticket for re-election.

May result in the second name rhyming three word campaign slogan for presidency, after "I like Ike."
Obama got Osama!
by Chip_Select May 02, 2011
A very realistic CGI 3D model of an Arabic looking man in a turban with a salt-and-pepper beard who appears on U.S. propaganda against Islam. Exists only in the mind of George W. Bush.
If Osama's real, then why don't we see him or hear him?
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter September 10, 2007
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