The maneuver requires both super-glue and an unshaven hippy-chick (the dirtier the better). The man pours the glue all over his face and the performs cunnilingus until the glue dries. If done correctly, the pubic hair will rip off and stick to the guys face, creating a long curly beard like that of Osama bin Laden. A turban may also be added for effect
After performing an Osama bin Laden, I was detained by Homeland Security and sent to Gitmo.
by Zap Rowsdowerrrrr January 08, 2009
Used to be the best hide-and-go-seek player EVER. now he's dead. haha, he's a fagg.
girl: has anyone seen Danny?
boy: we found him, he's dead.
girl: wow, what an Osama Bin Laden..
by elephantx2 May 05, 2011
A Notorious rapper endorsed by the Desert Warrior's recording company. Also known as Ozzie B Bobby. His accomplices are rappers Sa-DAMN and Ara-PHAT. Recently been involved with violence between the Bush family clan and according to him, he was simply a scapegoat for the 9/11 catastrophe. He denies any involvement in it. Known for his hit titles; 'Me and my A.k', 'Ozzie B in da house', 'I'm Arab, cant help bein fly'. 'Desert riders', 'Arabian nights' and 'Girls in Arabia.' and 'Desert Rose.' and 'A little bit of Saint and a lil bit of Sinner.' and 'Haters hatin makes me love ya.'

Used as an alternative for anything off the hook.
That party was Osama, man!


That shit is Osama Bin Laden!


You are the BinLaden man, this is so Osama.
by Salemcatdj December 26, 2008
A man with far more connections to George W Bush than to Sadam Hussein. Still a very bad person ranking just behind the true scum of the earth Dick Cheney, Donald Rhumsfeld, Paul Wolfawitz and just edging out the bafoon George W Bush for 4th place. All of these men played a roll in the 9/11 attack but it was easy to cast all the blame on Osama since he is a "crazy muslim" and lives in another country and has a different skin color. Wake up America!

Thank you for listening I guess I'll be sent to Guantanamo Bay now due to the provisions of the patriot act but please write me just be sure not to speak to freely or anything.
Osama bin Laden is a real Dick head.

Yea but not as much as Dick Cheney
by George Foreman June 18, 2006
Friend of George W. Bush and accomplice of George Bush in 9/11. The reason why he isn't caught yet is because he probably resides in Bush's hideout.
puppet of Bush
Known to have met Bush privately in person
by A Person1231 August 01, 2005
now that saddam is caught, he can tell us where osama is. HE'S BEHIND YOU! oh no he's not. OH YES HE IS etc.
by liam December 22, 2003
President Bush's right hand man in the attacks(planned) of 9/11. He is a CIA member, and infact CIA's finest other than SADDAM HUSSIEN.
If you want your country to lose money but gain more attention, call osama bin laden. 1-800 BIN-LADEN
by afghanthug May 19, 2006

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