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A little hick town in Michigan, where there is nothing to do, and you have to drive at least 30 minutes to get anywhere.
Man, I got to get out of Ortonville!
by Stepho D. July 24, 2008
One of the most boring places around Michigan but you can always find some fun shit to do by getting really fucked up... also probably home to one of the worst academic institutes in America....BHS
damn...thats what happens when u live in Ortonville...oh well lets pack a BOWL
by kmccc February 14, 2011
The Greatest fuckin place in Michigan. Home to some of the chillest mother fuckers alive this is Dylan, Cain, Caleb, Matt, Tony, Cameron, Chuck, Mitchell, Joel, and Andrew. Then the fag Jack. They reside in Goodrich usually and FSU.
Dylan: Guys lets head up to the prop.
Cain: No im gonna go chill with Olivia.
Dylan: Ok see you douche.
Tony: Ok.
Matt: Alright ill meet you guys up there.
Cameron: Fuck you panky. Got any Spirits?
Caleb: Sand.
Andrew: Id rather stay in Ortonville its better here.
Dylan: No the prop is better we can fuck around more.
Andrew: Ok
by H1PST3R6542 May 30, 2011
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